Triple 8 Race Engineering – Red Bull Racing Trailer

red-bull-racingtriple-eight-race-engineeringWhen Triple 8 Race Engineering sort to incorporate the latest technology to their design of new Red Bull Racing Australia Trailers in 2013 they looked no further than to our Digital Switching Systems. Incorporating a Digital Switching System to the trailers encompassed all that was innovative, reliable and effortless to the end user.

The two trailers are completely stand alone with their own power converters and digital keypads. The PowerMate 15’s fitted have been specifically programmed to suit the team’s detailed requirements, whether its day or night, a simple press of a button will deliver the preferred lighting solution. All of this is controlled by our Digital Switching System.

red-bull-racing-digital-switching-systemsThe customised program allows any member of the team to easily select the appropriate mode required. Whether its daytime at the track, at night packing the transporter or the central locking; it’s a simple press of the mode button to suit the situation.

Our DSS system also has a simple fault diagnostic keypad located near the PowerMate 15’s in the event that a circuit trips, thus protecting all components and making the Digital System a superlative solution to any project.