Solution Design

PCB Design

As an automotive electrical products provider, we have a full range of PCB designs from the simplest double sided boards with a focus on reliability to dense multi-layers designed to meet the needs of the latest high speed data processing technology. We offer high quality PCBs for extreme environments.

Quality Testing

We have various types of testing equipment in Australia and Hong Kong. Our engineers often do field testing of products in extreme environmental conditions, offering finalised detailed reports on performance and reliability.

Integrated System

We offer solutions to connect your device to the internet. Customers can control and monitor the equipment in most regions through smartphone, tablet or computer devices. We also offer a cloud service to help customers reboot their system and obtain reporting from their devices.

Global Sourcing

With offices in Australia & Hong Kong the Gateway to China we are in constant search for trading suppliers and partners who provide high quality components and products.

We fully understand the critical issues of electrical design, performance and reliability. We often help our customers with their sourcing to reduce their costs of products whilst also improving the quality of the end product, ensuring they will stay ahead of their competition.