Brava DashDigital Switching

Digital Switching Systems – Power Intelligence (Pi) Series and the PowerMate 15 are a digital switching solution developed for a variety of transportation markets. It combines state-of-the-art digital switching technology with an attractive user-interface styling to provide designers with an extensive and exciting menu of switching solutions. Paulger Control Systems offer many customised digital solutions for the Boat Builder, RV and Caravan Manufactures, Mining Platforms and Original Equipment Manufacturer.

DSS offers fully customized keypads to the fit our customer’s design requirements. We also have an extensive offering of standard keypads that allows a designer to build a semi-custom system for a minimal cost. Each standard keypad is laser etched with a customer’s specified button legends, text, or company logo. Standard Keypads are available in 10, & 14-positions with customizable laser-etched markings as well as 4 and 8-position relegendable keypads with interchangeable inserts.

The Power Management Enclosure known as the PME, PowerCore or PowerMate is the intelligence of the system. The PME receives switch requests from the keypad(s) and then processes these commands based on the current system status. The response to a switch request may be an activation or deactivation of a circuit, the start of a timed function, or, in systems with keyless ignition, the locking or unlocking of the system. The PME then sends the system status information to the keypads to turn on/off the indicator LEDs and backlights.

Safety Devices

Paulger Control Systems understand that most consumers consider safety paramount when it comes to electronics. This is why we have invested our resources into developing and manufacturing quality safety devices for a variety of applications.

Innovative Devices

New Devices (Coming Soon)

  • Proxy Sensors
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Battery Relays
  • LED lighting
  • Press Button Switches
  • Electro Mechanical Switch Box

Terminal Insulators

Paulger Controls are the importers of many types of terminal insulators used in the Marine, Automotive and Mining industry.

We stock a large range of products including the 200 series, 415 series, 464 series, 900 series, Mega and ANL fuses and Fuse Holders.

There are two very simple, yet extremely important reasons why OEM’s should integrate Terminal Insulators into their products;

  1. Safety
  2. Quality

Increase product safety and potential liability by preventing electrical shorts and shock with Terminal Insulators. High quality Terminal Insulators let customers know your product was designed with the highest standards.

Protect terminal connections from accidental shorts. and use them to comply with ABYC E-9, USCG 33 Subpart I, and ISO 10133. We offer several material options to allow this design to be used in high temperature environment along with various colour options, giving the customer the end product THEY want.