Haines Hunter

haines-hunterIn 2007 Haines Hunter were looking to give their boats a leading edge on their competitors and offer their customers absolute reliability and versatility of an electrical system that would never date.

So we designed and delivered what is said to be the latest and greatest technology extensively used throughout Europe and the USA but mainly on the high end of the market such as Sunseeker.

Our integrated design using the versatile PowerCore 21, which controls activation, voltage regulation and also does away with the need of conventional circuit breakers and fuses, was the exemplary solution.

Vessel Security also is a big factor, with the incorporation of the “Keyless Go” system, customers no longer have to worry about losing their ignition keys or dropping them overboard.

By using the special designed “Keyless Go” Keypad the customer only needs to enter a 5 digit pin number to switch on the ignition and start the engines.

The Keypads have been custom designed and made exclusively for Haines Hunter. They have a soft touch and are warmly backlit for night time operations and, are completely waterproof.

Haines Hunter was the first Australian Boat builder (in their class) to adopt and offer Digital Switching to their customers, thus complimenting these beautifully built vessels.