EMT100 (Erceg Mining Trucks)

Malaga based Mining Equipment Spares were in line to build a niche range of multi-purpose service trucks for the mining industry.

Erceg Mining Trucks (EMT), a special division of Mining Equipment Spares, was established in order to specifically handle the design, development and construction of these custom built trucks. Due to the specialised, totally tailored service that these trucks would be required for, incorporating a Digital Switching System was the only reliable and adaptable system that would be able to carry out specific instructions suited to these particular environments.

dyno-nobel-and-oricaWith the EMT100 being supplied to some of the world’s largest Mining Industries in Australia such as Dyno Nobel and Orica the Digital System had to be rugged, re-programmable and user friendly.

The Digital Switching Systems have all been individually designed and tested to suit the specific functions and conditions under which these trucks will operate.

We have kept in mind and designed the system to perform, diagnose and protect in these tough mining conditions.

In order to maximise on-site utilisation, our digital system has been modelled and built to combine high reliability with low maintenance.