Australian Antarctic Division


aad_env_inlinePaulger Controls have made waves on the small island of Tasmania by introducing a rugged and durable Digital Switching System to the Australian Antarctic Division. Needless to say AAD were suitably impressed by the engineering of the innovative system and of course it’s resourceful capabilities.

AAD conducted tests on the systems at temperatures lower than minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 C) a benchmark unmatched in the market. The Antarctic Division have now introduced Digital Switching Systems on the range of Hugglands recovery vehicles, which are used for expeditions on the South Pole.

The vast array of devices now turning to Digital Switching highlights the unique versatility this product offers to the consumer.

Brisbane Isuzu – Ergon

ergon-energyBrisbane Isuzu wanted to offer their customers innovative, smart solutions to complications that arise by using standard analogue electrical systems. This is where we stood in and proposed for Ergon Energy a digital switching system which would provide a solution to all their electrical requirements.


Ergon OH & S Issues

  • Operator Safety
  • Equipment Protection
  • Failure to Turn Inter-Locks & Diff Locks OFF
  • Overcrowding of Bolts on Products to Interfere with Under Dashboard

truck-control-systems-ergon-energyPCS Solution

  • Hand Brake Alarm – Monitors Lockers, Legs & PTO Bucket
  • Automatic Battery Disconnection after Ignition is OFF for 60min
  • VSS to Provide Signal to Disengage Interlocks & Diff Locks
  • All Bolt ON’s Connect Via PowerMate 15 ie; Reducers


EMT100 (Erceg Mining Trucks)

Malaga based Mining Equipment Spares were in line to build a niche range of multi-purpose service trucks for the mining industry.

Erceg Mining Trucks (EMT), a special division of Mining Equipment Spares, was established in order to specifically handle the design, development and construction of these custom built trucks. Due to the specialised, totally tailored service that these trucks would be required for, incorporating a Digital Switching System was the only reliable and adaptable system that would be able to carry out specific instructions suited to these particular environments.

dyno-nobel-and-oricaWith the EMT100 being supplied to some of the world’s largest Mining Industries in Australia such as Dyno Nobel and Orica the Digital System had to be rugged, re-programmable and user friendly.

The Digital Switching Systems have all been individually designed and tested to suit the specific functions and conditions under which these trucks will operate.

We have kept in mind and designed the system to perform, diagnose and protect in these tough mining conditions.

In order to maximise on-site utilisation, our digital system has been modelled and built to combine high reliability with low maintenance.

Triple 8 Race Engineering – Red Bull Racing Trailer

red-bull-racingtriple-eight-race-engineeringWhen Triple 8 Race Engineering sort to incorporate the latest technology to their design of new Red Bull Racing Australia Trailers in 2013 they looked no further than to our Digital Switching Systems. Incorporating a Digital Switching System to the trailers encompassed all that was innovative, reliable and effortless to the end user.

The two trailers are completely stand alone with their own power converters and digital keypads. The PowerMate 15’s fitted have been specifically programmed to suit the team’s detailed requirements, whether its day or night, a simple press of a button will deliver the preferred lighting solution. All of this is controlled by our Digital Switching System.

red-bull-racing-digital-switching-systemsThe customised program allows any member of the team to easily select the appropriate mode required. Whether its daytime at the track, at night packing the transporter or the central locking; it’s a simple press of the mode button to suit the situation.

Our DSS system also has a simple fault diagnostic keypad located near the PowerMate 15’s in the event that a circuit trips, thus protecting all components and making the Digital System a superlative solution to any project.

Haines Hunter

haines-hunterIn 2007 Haines Hunter were looking to give their boats a leading edge on their competitors and offer their customers absolute reliability and versatility of an electrical system that would never date.

So we designed and delivered what is said to be the latest and greatest technology extensively used throughout Europe and the USA but mainly on the high end of the market such as Sunseeker.

Our integrated design using the versatile PowerCore 21, which controls activation, voltage regulation and also does away with the need of conventional circuit breakers and fuses, was the exemplary solution.

Vessel Security also is a big factor, with the incorporation of the “Keyless Go” system, customers no longer have to worry about losing their ignition keys or dropping them overboard.

By using the special designed “Keyless Go” Keypad the customer only needs to enter a 5 digit pin number to switch on the ignition and start the engines.

The Keypads have been custom designed and made exclusively for Haines Hunter. They have a soft touch and are warmly backlit for night time operations and, are completely waterproof.

Haines Hunter was the first Australian Boat builder (in their class) to adopt and offer Digital Switching to their customers, thus complimenting these beautifully built vessels.

Problem: GEO-Fence Activation Entering A Mine Site in Safety Mode – Automatically Activated

In order to ensure the vehicle is in “safe” or “mine” mode when it enters a certain area (mine site etc.) the safety requirements are pre-set using the PowerMate. Now when the site is entered there is no risk of the driver failing to set the vehicle to the correct safety settings as the PowerMate will automatically set the truck to these safety specifications.

Other examples:

Oil transport vehicles having to enter a safe mode.


When the truck enters a mine site the PowerMate will read the on-board GPS and pick up the co-ordinates to automatically activate “safe/mine mode” when the vehicle enters a pre-set geo-fence. The PowerMate can do anything from turning on beacons, limiting the speed of the vehicle, ensuring head lights are turned on or off to tracking and retarding various components to ensure the risk of explosion is reduced as greatly as possible.   When the vehicle enters the Geo fence the vehicle will automatically be returned to “road mode”. No time is wasted and risk of human error in forgetting to enter mine mode or setting the vehicle it incorrectly is removed entirely.


No time is wasted and risk of human error in forgetting to enter mine mode or setting the vehicle it incorrectly is removed entirely.

Problem: Integration Safety Stop

If the driver unexpectedly leaves the vehicle while it is still moving the vehicle could very possibly cause hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage as well as placing everyone on the mine site in danger.

Other examples:

Fatigue monitoring integration – The PowerMate can read the data and if the driver falls asleep and the system fails to wake him the PowerMate can stop the vehicle.

Collision avoidance systems integration – The PowerMate can read the data and if the driver doesn’t take notice of the warnings and an accident is imminent the PowerMate can stop the vehicle.


The PowerMate will track various sensors on the vehicle and have certain actions pre-set to occur if an event takes place. So if a door is opened while the vehicle is moving it will automatically stop the truck eliminating it from rolling unmanned into the mine site preventing any potential loss of life and damage to the mine site.


Any potential danger to human life and damage to the mine site and the vehicle is averted.

Problem: Overtip Prevention

If the driver tips out the content in the tipper and they allow the tipper to go too far and the entire vehicle tips over. This will cause substantial damage to the vehicle as well as the cost associated with the vehicle being off the road for a certain amount of time.

Other applications:

All tilt and angle sensing.


When the truck goes to tip the contents of the tipper the PowerMate will track a sensor on the tipper. When the tipper reaches a certain pre-determined angle the PowerMate will alert the driver that he is reaching a critical tipping point if the driver does not stop the tipper then the PowerMate will automatically retard the hydraulics to the tipper when it reaches another pre-determined level to ensure the truck does not tip over, avoiding any damage to the truck and cost involved in repairing the vehicle.


The risk of the truck tipping over is averted and substantial costs are saved.

Sunrunner Sport Cruisers


sunrunner-logoLuxury Boat Builder Sunrunner, decided after much careful planning, research and ongoing development to provide their customers a high quality, state-of-the-art electronics solution to selected models of the affluent Sunrunner range.

Taking this into consideration we modelled a custom Digital Switching System that would keep in line with the high quality engineering and production Sunrunner customers have now come to expect.  While combining our sleek keypad interfaces and PowerCore 21 we were able to implement custom features with an extensive and exciting menu of switching solutions.

Introducing the Digital Switching System to the Sunrunner Sport Cruiser vessels has also reduced manufacturing and labour costs when it’s compared to a standard discreet switch solution.

Sunrunner has quickly carved out its’ own niche by incorporating our custom, leading-edge technology, thus proving that versatility and reliability has never looked so good.

Boroma Caravans

boroma-caravansBoroma Caravans started using Digital Switching Systems back in 2008 in order to enhance the functionality of their quality range of caravans.