Brisbane Isuzu – Ergon

ergon-energyBrisbane Isuzu wanted to offer their customers innovative, smart solutions to complications that arise by using standard analogue electrical systems. This is where we stood in and proposed for Ergon Energy a digital switching system which would provide a solution to all their electrical requirements.


Ergon OH & S Issues

  • Operator Safety
  • Equipment Protection
  • Failure to Turn Inter-Locks & Diff Locks OFF
  • Overcrowding of Bolts on Products to Interfere with Under Dashboard

truck-control-systems-ergon-energyPCS Solution

  • Hand Brake Alarm – Monitors Lockers, Legs & PTO Bucket
  • Automatic Battery Disconnection after Ignition is OFF for 60min
  • VSS to Provide Signal to Disengage Interlocks & Diff Locks
  • All Bolt ON’s Connect Via PowerMate 15 ie; Reducers